The 31-acre site which is now Heritage Valley Resort was originally purchased by Reverend Benjamin Evertt and Myrtle Evertt in 1971 for the development of a care home facility. Prior to this, Ben and Myrtle had built several successful care home businesses throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley during the 1950's and 60's. All of these businesses still exist today. In the early 70's, after engineered plans and initial permits for a care home had been approved by the Abbotsford municipality, Benjamin, with son Berton, and wife, Myrtle logged the land themselves and began to build. Soon after, a change occurred at the municipal level, resulting in the loss of care home facility approval for the site. Choosing not to initiate a potentially costly and lengthy legal battle, the Evertts requested and received approval for resort accommodation & commercial zoning, then taking full advantage of the site's inherent natural beauty and tranquility the enterprising couple founded and began to develop Heritage Valley Resort, with family members and friends doing most of the building, construction and landscaping.

In the early 80's, Deanna Evertt (daughter) and fiancé, David Leadbeater (now husband) lobbied against the proposed demolition of the 1911 Abbotsford C.P.R. Station. They were successful and David took the building apart in pieces to move it to its present location at Heritage Valley. David then carefully reconstructed the building (like a large 3-D puzzle) and used now as an office. Except for a brief leasing of the property and business for 5 years to other local entrepreneurs in the early nineties, Heritage Valley Resort had been a majority family owned business. In 1997 Heritage Valley was turned over for management to the main shareholders, Myrtle Evertt, Deanna Evertt (daughter) and husband David Leadbeater to make a viable business. Because of the severe deterioration and seasonal nature of the resort, the businesses operation was seriously hampered. Faced with no other option, Deanna and David set out to rescue the failing business. They revamped operations; replaced the staff, set up in-house accounting programs, put in new business systems and operating procedures, developed a marketing program, and made capital improvements with limited resources and funds available. Under their leadership, the new management team tried hard to develop a sustainable business concept and identified Heritage Valley Resort as a viable and profitable growth company.

About US


In July 2006 after many years of struggling to survive as a viable business with the ever deterioration to the facilities and infrastructure of the resort, Deanna and Dave sold the property to Mr. KJ Kim a long time resident of Canada for over 50 years. Mr. Kim had great visions for the property as a wellness corporate resort from the start but allowed the property to continue running through to December 2007. Despite knowing that the resort would incur further financial losses, KJ honoured all the booked weddings and events made by the previous owners.

In June 2008, KJ began the extensive repairs and redecoration to bring Heritage Valley closer to his vision to turn Heritage Valley Resort into a beautiful and spectacular one of a kind Health and Wellness Destination Resort. The vision includes numerous changes which are to provide guests a 30 acre natural playground that will provide peaceful seclusion, panoramic views, a centre for health and wellness chiropractic treatment and massage, deluxe accommodations, fine dining and quality service in one place. We are now proudly able to provide a spectacular all-inclusive venue for conferences, workshops, training events, special interest group meetings, product launches and trade conventions for our SMK Group of Companies and Partners. We are now also able to provide fine dining and arts and entertainment in our Sagebrush Dinnertainment restaurant, Terrace restaurant with our 30 cottages and new fitness/ recreation centre, which are expected to open Spring of 2017.


We invite you to take a break from the urban bustle and engage with your colleagues in our natural 30 acre mountain setting where true relaxation begins with the harmonious environment that Heritage Valley proudly supports only an hour away from Vancouver: 10 minutes from Downtown Abbotsford & Mission: 5 minutes away from the Ledgeview Golf course and Abbotsford’s own Historic Clayburn Village. When you need to think outside the box, expand your vision beyond four walls or simply want to reward high achievers, Heritage Valley Resort can help you deliver on all counts by providing the perfect venue for all-inclusive productive business meetings, retreats, seminars and banquets.