Our Resort facilities.

The infrastructure is in place and ready to start up. Heritage Valley boasts a unique to Abbotsford Corporate Live and Work Corporate retreat opportunity situated in the woods of the Fraser Valley, nestled in the natural beauty of Sumas Mountain that provides seclusion, panoramic views able to provide deluxe accommodations, fine dining, and quality service.

Recreation centre (Total area: 20,000 sq. feet)

  • 2 indoor tennis courts which would provide recreation needs
  •  3 large seminar rooms

Banquet Hall centre (Total area: 11,000 sq. feet)

  • 3 separate large banquet halls:  full sound system and performance stage which could provide company’s marketing and facilitate promotional & special events
  • Commercial kitchen: Provides meals for company’s ‘live and work’ staff, engineers, and visiting professionals, scientists.

Accommodation (Total area: 36,180 sq. feet)

  • Cabins: 29 fully equipped 620 sq. feet homes to provide accommodations for company’s ‘live and work’ engineers, scientists and visiting professionals.
    Clubhouse: 2,000 sq. feet
    Lodge #1 (4,200 sq. feet): 8 separate suites
    Lodge #2 (2,900 sq. feet): Dormitory