About our foods & service


Nestled within the Fraser Valley, we embrace the natural elements of the surrounding environment, offering groups a chance to feel nurtured among nature and enabling them to soak up the fresh mountain air and natural beauty of this spectacular area.

The soothing sights and scents of the valley will calm your mind and refresh your soul as you surrender to the healing touch of local produce, lean meats and fine herbs and micro-greens.

Our full service commercial kitchen and culinary team pride themselves by using all natural ingredients and serving international herbal teas as well as offering choices of healthy organic options

Boutique Bakery & Café

(Opening 2022) The design and décor of the Tea Room Café reflects a healthy, hearty, and old-fashioned feel that we try to embody at Heritage Valley Resort. A perfect spot for sipping coffee or select traditional and international teas or a relaxed atmosphere for small group business conversations complete with fine dining utilizing local fresh vegetables and roasted meats, hearty soups and gourmet salads followed by homemade desserts and pastries.

Sagebrush Dinnertainment

At Heritage Valley, our guests can dine in luxury within our one-of-a-kind Dinnertainment Grande performance hall. The Sagebrush has a delightfully rustic atmosphere. We have a top of the line sound system and stage along with a huge hardwood dance floor and spectacular lighting.  The exquisite wooden architecture, the specialty-built bar combined with our luxurious china table setting yields a rich westernized atmosphere for you to dine in. The Sagebrush can turn your typical dinner into a pleasant entertainment experience combined with a complimenting deluxe gourmet dinner buffet. Guests can take a moonlight stroll in our gardens and experience the magic that can be found at Heritage Valley Resort.  We can arrange a wide range of performers from local talent to international groups, where dinner and entertainment comes together in the beautiful interior surrounded by breathtaking scenery to provide a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Medicinal Kitchen Meals

A healthy lifestyle, including products and services for customers, has been increasing over the last decade. More and more governmental and non-governmental organizations are promoting a complete healthy lifestyle. Doctors continue to warn us that we must do our part to protect ourselves from diseases. Modern science confirms that eating a healthy and nutritious balanced diet can do a lot to promote long-term health. SMK Medical Kitchen Meals activity will center on a niche market focusing on the medicinal therapeutic /healthy food clientele segment—particularly, healthy meals for diabetics. In the future we will expand to include other diseases. We will produce meals that include therapeutic medicinal herbs. Meals that are tasty, and not harmful to one’s health; meals that will help prevent and respond to different types of diseases.