SMK Group is committed to identify innovative or new ideas from concept to reality, from theory to practice. This is the theme that the SMK Group hopes to bridge the gap between research, IoT, medical wearable technologies and the application of this knowledge through incubation and education.

(Expected Opening Spring 2022)

SMK will be establishing its new start-up projects at our 32-acre mountain resort.

Research Centre & SMK Smart Medic Resort

Our “Corporate Resort” will provide the live & workspace for our Medical – IT project workers and IT engineers as well as the accommodation for visiting scientists and medical professionals. We will also use the resort for our company’s marketing and promotional events.

There will be an international herbal research centre at the resort where its objective will be finding and identifying herbs, traditionally used over the world. The local and international universities can set up their networks at the resort and have symposiums in the field of the naturopathic medical field.

Medical IT- Clouding

Diagnostic symptom mapping on the server for the clouding to help naturopathic medical professionals to prescribe herbs

Develop wearable IOT device to collect vital statistics and pertinent medical parameter data for diabetics in real-time as part of our “Cyber Caregiver” program.

  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Pulse and blood pressure
  • ECG/ PPG
  • Pulse oximeter (blood oxygen levels)

Herb & botanical Identification

Identify herbs that can help reduce blood glucose levels throughout the world. Develop herbal treatments for diabetes that can be used in conjunction with or replace current prescription medications.

R & D for engineers and scientists

Can live and work at the resort to develop medical IT projects.
Will research worldwide naturopathic data and transfer to the clouding server creating the Big Data.
AI will be injected to the Big Data with help of medical professionals to do symptom mapping.