We find that learning and sticking to a new health regiment is complimented
through a group effort with like-minded people that makes
the practice easier to continue with at home.

Wellness Stay

(Expected Opening Spring 2022) Our functional health treatment retreats are supervised and designed by medical and naturopathic doctors and individualized just for you, based on your unique diabetic health concerns. Total Health Rejuvenation Retreats specialize in aligning the mind, body, and spirit. They are designed to work from the inside-out. They address the physiological, biochemical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual layers. It is full spectrum healing. Our short term and long-term clients will receive gourmet healthy meals that have been created as part of their treatment and care plan supported by our elite team of chefs, dieticians, nutritionists, trainers, physicians, and lifestyle mentors.

Treatment centre & Functional health
treatments for diabetics

(Expected Opening Spring 2022) Heritage Valley Resort Treatment Center’s vision is to be a recognized leader in patient-focused integrative and complementary naturopathic medicine, delivered in an individualized and well-rounded approach to Healthcare, with compassion at the core.

In designing your customized diabetic treatment plan, our naturopathic doctors focus on you as a
whole person by recommending behavioral changes such as diet and exercise.

Care is co-managed with conventional endocrinologists and diabetes specialists to monitor, adjust and optimize your outcomes during you stay with us.


  • Tranquility gardens and self-guided trails.
  • Recreation centre.
  • The Heritage Valley Resort Private Recreation Centre will provide guided programs and services to keep you active and healthy!
  • We believe you deserve a health experience that caters to your health needs. Our recreational activities are all housed under one roof.
  • Fitness is healing for young adults to seniors and it is a social, fun way to mentally clear away your stress
  • Enjoy 35-foot climbing wall.,1/5-mile indoor track., 4 indoor pickleball courts, squash court, various machines, and weights.